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Magazine Subscriptions 

We offer subscriptions to our printed magazine (UK only) as well as subscriptions to read the current, and all back issues online.


3 Magazines per year, sent by first class post as they are published. 
Subscription will be billed yearly.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Subscriptions are non refundable
Subscriptions will always start with the NEXT issue. If you would like the current issue please purchase this separately.

A yearly subscription consists of three issues.
These are UK only at the moment due to the overseas shipping costs. Outside the UK, please just purchase the magazines as they are released for pre order to get priority shipping.


Read the current and all back issues of Discover Dolls Magazine online

Back issues will remain visible for the duration of you subscription and new issues will be added shortly after publication

Read from your desktop, tablet or phone, with zoom options for enlarging text and studying images.

Subscription renews annually unless cancelled.
Subscription is non refundable

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