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Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Discover Dolls Magazine is proud to support the Grace Kelly Childhood Trust

About the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

Childhood cancer is the most common medical cause of death of children in the UK. Every year, just under 4,000 children and young adults receive this life changing diagnosis.

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is working to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the signs and symptoms with which it may present. We produce educational resources for parents and clinicians, provide support to families and fund research into rare solid tumours of childhood.

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust was founded in memory of 4 year old Grace Kelly who passed away in 2014. The vision of the Trust was born from the inspiration that Grace imparted on the people she met. Grace was a compassionate and caring little girl, who looked after others before herself.

We are making a difference to other children whilst fulfilling Grace's wish to help others.

Grace was born on 9th July 2010. A petite and very caring little girl who loved to run, climb and be active. In September 2014, Grace started school. So small but proud in her new uniform.

A few weeks into term, Grace became suddenly unwell and was admitted to hospital. She was found to have a renal malignant rhabdoid tumour.

Grace rapidly deteriorated and this perfect girl passed away on 8th November 2014 surrounded by her family. Grace was just 4 1/4 years of age when she died, leaving behind a little sister.

Out of this devastation, Grace's wish to help others has grown into an inspiring legacy that is helping save the lives of children diagnosed with cancer.

The team at the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust works to raise awareness, fund research into rare cancers of childhood and produce educational materials. They also provide support to families.

Childhood cancer is the number one medical cause of death of children in the UK. We are working to change this.

The Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust became a registered charity in June 2016

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